1xbet – What I learned working at an Indian Company

For the ones that don’t know me, I am of Indian descent, and being Indian you have some advantages such as Indian communities being very strong. So through contacts of my parents, I was able to get a job interview at the Indian owned online casino company 1xbet which has a few satellite offices throughout the United Kingdom as they do not only target the Indian market but UK market as well.

1xbet is sort of a full-service online casino company as they develop almost all the components of an online casino themselves so some extent. For example, 1xbet casino games division is responsible for the development of their own games, 1xbet casino platform department has developed the actual online casino gaming platforms which tie together everything from payment methods, customer support channels to the incorporation of other casino game developers games. If you want to learn more about 1xbet and where it is today visit one of their partner websites 1xbet by OGG.

Perhaps the decision of the 1xbet board to develop most of the online casino company components themselves doesn’t come as a big surprise. As 1xbet c is an Indian company and India has to offer some of the best developers in the world very inexpensive it is almost a no brainer as you sometimes say.

1xbet doesn’t online supply themselves with these technical solutions and interactive casino games ranging from classic online slot machines to live casino games but they also lease them. By leasing their casino game offering to other online casinos operating in other markets they are able to monetize their technology and casino game offering even more than just through their own 1xbet casino website.

Working at 1xbet taught me a lot. It was not easy but it was rewarding and developing for my personal skillset. The tempo was high and the expectations are extremely high. What I think they did very well and which I believe helped employees keep up with the high tempo and high expectations was that they provided all the rights tools.

For example, within the 1xbet online casino company, there was a specific department named 1xbet growth only focusing on developing the employee’s skillset so that they could bring more value to the company.

After working 4 years at the innovative 1xbet casino company I was no longer just a web developer but an actual casino games developer with more than 8 online slot machine games developed.

So 1xbet the Indian company taught me the value of teamwork, hard work, applying yourself to become better at your trade which will also lead to always keeping your work interesting as it is challenging. Thank you 1xbet casino for the time together!

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