Working From Home During a Renovation

Hey readers! I hope you are having a great day.

So, as you all know by now, I work from home as a freelance game developer for online casinos in the gambling industry. Some of the casinos I work with include Mr Green, BGO Casino, Casumo Casino and Leovegas. Additionally, I’ve completed work with bitcoin casino DrakeCasino. One of the questions some of my readers have asked is how I can work from home with a renovation going on. So I decided to cover this in a blog.

Working from home is a challenge in and of itself. You have to be focused, disciplined and dedicated to your work. It is easy to get sidetracked when you work from home and don’t have a boss working over your shoulder. However, working in the middle of a renovation only increases this challenge. You have to work in a noisy environment. You have contractors drilling, tiling, painting and making other noises, all while you are trying to concentrate. The contractors may also stop you to ask a question or get your signature on something. It takes away from your focus.

So how have I managed to do this? Well, I look at the bright side of things. I know that this renovation shall pass and when it does, I will be left with an amazing home. I could not work in a renovation zone if there was no end in sight. But there is an end date and that is what keeps me going. But I am not going to lie. Some days it is frustrating and some days I want nothing more than to work in a quiet environment. However, the contractors have been great. They know I work from home and they have done their best to minimize the noise when possible. But they also have a job to do.

If you work from home and you are getting ready to undergo the renovation process, I would recommend you get a great pair of noise cancelling headphones. They really help. Also, be patient. Keep in mind the end goal and that eventually, you will have your home back. This should make it easier to work from home while you are undergoing the renovation process. I hope my tips help you if you are in the same situation.

Our First Anniversary

Hello readers! Today is a big day and I just wanted to take some time to move away from renovations and share this milestone with all of you. Today is my first wedding anniversary. It is hard to believe that we have been married a year already. It seems like just yesterday we were meeting and here we are, married and preparing to start a family within the next year, God willing.

This has been one of the best years of my life and also one of the craziest. Margot and I lived together prior to getting married, but it seems things changed when we became husband and wife. The love that we already had grew even more and we settled into domestic bliss even more. Following the wedding, we enjoyed being newlyweds for a few months before we decided to hunt for a house. We wanted to be in the Wales area, as that is where Margot works. However, we quickly learned that we could not afford everything we wanted in a house at a price we could afford. We quickly started to look for fixer-uppers. We could buy a home that needed work at a price we could afford and then turn it into exactly what we wanted. It took a few months, but we did find what we wanted and jumped on it.

Since buying the home, we have been slowly but surely making progress on renovating it. The project should be complete in the next few months, and from there, we hope to start a family.

This weekend, we are putting the renovations to the side and focusing on our relationship. We are going out of town for a quick holiday and just enjoying each others company. I am so excited to not have to worry about work or the home, and to spend time with my beautiful and loving wife. I will have a great weekend and I hope you all do as well.

Ideas for My Office

Hey readers! I hope the week is treating you right and life is going well for you. Life is good over here and we are moving right along with our home renovation.

While many people who are remodeling their home spend a lot of time focusing on the bathrooms or kitchen, I am spending a lot of time focusing on my new office. I am excited to kick this project off and to transform the blank space I am working in into something that will look phenomenal.

I work from home as a freelance game developer for online casinos in the gambling industry. This means I work hand-in-hand with the casinos to develop new games like slot machines, roulette, poker and goede gokkasten online casino’s. It is a rewarding job, as I know thousands, if not millions of people, get to enjoy and play the games I have helped to create. Some of the casinos I work with include Empire777, free spin casino BGO Casino, Casumo Casino, Casino Bonussen and Leovegas. Also, I’ve started working with bitcoin casino DrakeCasino. I can spend a lot of time working on these games. Sometimes I will work for 12 to 16 hours straight when I am feeling creative and productive. As such, I need an office that is comfortable and that helps to foster my creativity.

I am working with a designer to ensure that my office is both functional and comfortable. I want lots of natural light so my eyes don’t hurt while staring at a computer screen. I want lots of unnatural light so I can work when the sun goes down. I need a big desk with room for me spread out and doodle, while also having my computer there. And most importantly, I need a chair that I can sit in for hours on end without becoming uncomfortable. Due to the amount of time I spend in my office, I am really excited for this project. I hope that the office becomes everything I have envisioned. I will be sure to share pictures of it when I complete it, so you all can see it.

Deciding on a Paint Color

Hi! I hope you are all having a fantastic weekend. Margot and I are kicking off our weekend by picking out paint colors for our home. Who knew there were so many different colors to pick from? And of course, Margot and I have completely different ideas in mind when it comes to color choices. It is certainly making things interesting.

I know many of you, my readers, are also renovating your homes as well. Because of this, I wanted to take the time to share with you some of the tips I received from the guys at the paint store. They are definitely good tips to keep in mind as you go about finding a paint color for your home.

Dark colors can make a room seems smaller. This means that you do not want to paint the walls in a small room dark. It can make a bathroom feel cramped and crowded. However, if you have a large space, such as a large sitting room or living room, you may want to make the space seem smaller and more intimate. In these cases, a dark color can be perfect. But keep in mind, if you select a dark color, you will have to coat the walls a couple more times to keep them from looking streaky. If you hate painting like me, you may not want to do this.

Light colors can make a room seem larger, brighter and more airy. These lighter colors are perfect for smaller spaces or spaces where you do not have much natural light. In our home, we want the space to flow and we want things to seem bright. I work from home as a freelance game developer for online casinos, so I don’t want to sit in a dark and dreary home all day. Because of this, we are going with light colors. However, we are torn on the colors. I wouldn’t mind a blue or gray. Margot likes greens and yellows. Hopefully we can find something that we both like and soon. If all else fails, we may flip a coin and see who wins. If nothing else, we are certainly learning how to compromise with each other.

1xbet – What I learned working at an Indian Company

For the ones that don’t know me, I am of Indian descent, and being Indian you have some advantages such as Indian communities being very strong. So through contacts of my parents, I was able to get a job interview at the Indian owned online casino company 1xbet which has a few satellite offices throughout the United Kingdom as they do not only target the Indian market but UK market as well.

1xbet is sort of a full-service online casino company as they develop almost all the components of an online casino themselves so some extent. For example, 1xbet casino games division is responsible for the development of their own games, 1xbet casino platform department has developed the actual online casino gaming platforms which tie together everything from payment methods, customer support channels to the incorporation of other casino game developers games. If you want to learn more about 1xbet and where it is today visit one of their partner websites 1xbet by OGG.

Perhaps the decision of the 1xbet board to develop most of the online casino company components themselves doesn’t come as a big surprise. As 1xbet c is an Indian company and India has to offer some of the best developers in the world very inexpensive it is almost a no brainer as you sometimes say.

1xbet doesn’t online supply themselves with these technical solutions and interactive casino games ranging from classic online slot machines to live casino games but they also lease them. By leasing their casino game offering to other online casinos operating in other markets they are able to monetize their technology and casino game offering even more than just through their own 1xbet casino website.

Working at 1xbet taught me a lot. It was not easy but it was rewarding and developing for my personal skillset. The tempo was high and the expectations are extremely high. What I think they did very well and which I believe helped employees keep up with the high tempo and high expectations was that they provided all the rights tools.

For example, within the 1xbet online casino company, there was a specific department named 1xbet growth only focusing on developing the employee’s skillset so that they could bring more value to the company.

After working 4 years at the innovative 1xbet casino company I was no longer just a web developer but an actual casino games developer with more than 8 online slot machine games developed.

So 1xbet the Indian company taught me the value of teamwork, hard work, applying yourself to become better at your trade which will also lead to always keeping your work interesting as it is challenging. Thank you 1xbet casino for the time together!

Why I Started a Blog

So you may be wondering why someone who seems so busy decided to start a blog now. After all, I work full-time, I am a newlywed and I am preparing to embark on a full home renovation process. Well, there are many reasons why I decided to start a blog. And I decided to share those reasons with you, my readers.

First and foremost, I decided to start this blog to share my home renovation process with all of you. I have friends who have undergone the renovation process and it seems like an emotional ones at times. You may be overwhelmed and frustrated one day, and satisfied with the progress or look of your home another. In order to give me an outlet for these emotions, I started this blog. I hope the blog allows me to vent when needed and share my job as well. I know many others are also going through the renovation process in their homes, so I hope that my blog lets others see what we are doing and gives them ideas and vice versa.

The second reason I decided to create this blog was simply to market. As I mentioned, I am a freelance game developer with a few succesful games launched such as a casino dice game for the Thai online gambling industry. Dice game translating to ไฮโลเกม in Thai so the ones of you who speak Thai or are from Thailand can better regonize what I am writing about.
While I have many great clients I am always looking for new clients. That’s how you keep money coming in. So I hope that those in the online gambling and casino industry see my blog, learn more about me, and possibly go about hiring me for more work. Blogs are a great way for freelancers to network themselves, and that is what I hope to do here.

I hope you are all having a great week! Thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts and I hope you are enjoying my blog.

My name is Tuhina Bengals

Yay! I have people reading my blog. My name is Tuhina Bengals. Yeah, you’re probably thinking my name is a lot different, but let me explain. I have traditional Indian parents and they gave me a traditional Indian name. There are some days I wish I had a normal name, but other days, I love the individuality behind my name. I currently live in the United Kingdom, Wales to be more specific, and I can’t say I ever come across anyone with the same name as me.

So who am I? I am 35-years-old. I married the love of my life, Margot, about a year ago. We actually had two weddings. We had a traditional Indian wedding to satisfy my parents and family. And then we had a traditional western wedding to satisfy her family. We recently bought a home together in Wales, and together, we are preparing to remodel it and turn it into our dream home. After the home is complete, we hope to add to our family with one or two children.

In addition to that, I work from home as a freelance game developer for online casinos in the gambling industry. As a freelancer, I work with many different companies and casinos. However, some of my largest clients include Indian online casino 1xbet and the Thai Internet casino คาสิโน777. I have also done some freelance work for the bitcoin casino DrakeCasino which was quite different from the traditional online casinos but more about that some other time. My wife Margot works in the medical field as a pediatric nurse. Based on our schedules, we work some strange hours. However, we both love our jobs and that makes us generally happy and satisfied people, which is one of the reasons I feel that we mesh so well.

I don’t know how you came across my blog, but I hope you enjoy reading along as we go through this crazy process of remodeling our home, working, celebrating our first anniversary, and hopefully prepare to welcome a baby in the near future.